Further Study (COVID-19)

image After submitting my thesis and waiting for my viva voce in the lockdown of COVID-19 pandemic, I sought a way to keep my thesis fresh by reviewing the phenomenon of social flow in the light of the new social measures. This undertaking is also in line with the a/r/tographic nature of my PhD research, considering a/r/tography (Springgay et al., 2008) being a constantly changing process and consequently, such research can never be completed, only decisively terminated.

Being also a facilitator of haptic social flow experiences in participatory crafts, I have a strong interest in understanding the adaptability of socially supportive haptic practices and their possible future under the new social circumstances. The contrast between these practises of extreme social distancing and intensive social engagement is astonishing, yet both of these practises became driving forces of daily life during the pandemic.

This study is concerned with this phenomenon and the representation of socially engaged visual arts & crafts during the first 27 days of lockdown in the UK. By collecting mass media data socially engaged grassroots events during the observed period and analysing them in context of social flow and needs, which are viewed with an understanding of their non-hierarchical nature, it raises questions for further discussions on motivations of contributing to “coronavirus kindness” and future possibilities of the socially engaged arts & crafts field.

Any constructive feedback is much appreciated. Please email: info@wiseninggate.uk

Full-pdf pre-peer reviewed version of the study “'Coronavirus Kindness' Phenomenon: Trends of Social Flow of Creativity during the First 27 Days of Social Distancing in the COVID-19 Pandemic in the UK" is available to download here:

Study in Lockdown (pdf)